Q. Who will service my windows or doors if I have a problem ?
A. We have a fully staffed service department and your windows and doors are 100% guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Q. Does Montreal Design have the windows with the tilt-in design for easy cleaning ?
A. Kolbe innovated the tilt-in design! Most Kolbe windows do tilt-in and can be safely and conveniently cleaned from inside your home.

Q. How often will I need to Maintain my Montreal Design Windows ?
A. A Montreal Design custom windows. Aside from cleaning them, all of our windows are virtually maintenance free.

Q. How often will I need to caulk my Montreal Design windows ?
A. Caulking should be inspected annually.  Building materials, such as the frame of the house, expand and contract due to changes in weather, which can cause the caulking to stretch beyond its limit. Road salt can also affect sealants.

Q. What is condensation ?
A. Condensation is the moisture in the air that usually reveals itself when it comes into contact with any surface that is cooler than the inside air temperature.